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It is estimated that between 20% and 25% of Palm Kernel (PKE) is wasted when the product is not stored in correctly constructed bins or bunkers and covered correctly. Even with an appropriate concrete bunker, approximately 10% can be still be wasted through poor or incorrect covering. The use of tarpaulins can be time consuming and does not provide effective protection from mosture damage.

A customer decided to invest a Coast Sliding roof after previously using a tarpaulin cover and this is what he had to say:

"The installation of the sliding roof was nice and easy by Coast Sliding Roofs from our old hoop and pull on cover system. The changeover was faultless. The retractable roof system is easy to use and a much better bulk storage cover than we had before. It is so easy for trucks to get in and deliver the palm kernels. We have significantly reduced the stock wastage issue we had with the old system letting in a lot of water because the sliding roof is weather tight and keeps everything dry."

At a time when farm owners and managers are looking to keep costs down, a reduction in the amount of supplementary feed being wasted makes sense. Preventing waste through good storage and covering can achieve considerable savings and should be seriously considered as part of an overall cost reduction strategy. 

Coast roofs pay for themselves in no-time through the savings made in reducing the amount of product being spoiled and the savings in valuable time. 

Savings of 10% in the feed costs when PKE prices are $200/tonne, will enable the roof to pay for itself in as little as 18 deliveries. At $250/tonne, it will pay for itself in 15 deliveries. 


Post 2:

Coast Sliding Roofs are manufactured using heavy duty galvanised steel frames in sections that concertina together to provide a robust weatherproof covering.

This unique sectional concertina design reduces the roofs footprint enabling it to cantilever off the back of the storage bin. This eliminates the need for supporting posts behind the structure reduces the clear space required at the back of the bin.

The smaller footprint allows more flexibility when designing and positioning of new bin layouts.


Post 3:

Coast Sliding Roofs have a standard range of Retractable Roof systems for PKE bins and Fertilser bunkers. Our roofs can be supplied as kitsets or fully installed.

Our roofs can easily be customised to suit various other bulk storage structures.

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